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“Caring for strangers: The historical contribution of Christianity”: A Geneva Lecture by Luke Glanville

The Geneva Society invites everyone to attend this free public lecture by Luke Glanville. This Geneva Lecture is held in Vancouver (not TWU) and is entitled “Caring for strangers: The historical contribution of Christianity.”

DATE: Wednesday 12 October 2016
LOCATION: Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, 1803 East 1st Ave, Vancouver (see note about parking below)
TIME: 7:30-9:00pm

SUMMARY: In North America, the Christian church has the reputation for being a powerful supporter of conservative ideology. This reputation is a far cry from the early church’s social role. This lecture explores how early Christians radically transformed prevailing Roman understandings of social ethics. Whereas Roman philosophers endorsed a hierarchical and elitist ethic of patronage and reciprocity, the early Christians turned this upside-down, insisting that people should seek to help those most in need and those least able to reciprocate, including not only friends and family but also strangers and foreigners. The lecture traces the impact of this new ethic on the development of ideas about both social justice and international relations.

SPEAKER: Luke Glanville is a senior lecturer in International Relations at the Australian National University. His research and teaching focuses on historical and contemporary efforts to protect vulnerable people. Luke is author of Sovereignty and the Responsibility to Protect: A New History (University of Chicago Press, 2014). He is currently on research leave in Vancouver with his delightful wife, Clare, and their absurdly cute baby, Arthur.

This lecture is co-sponsored by Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, which is where the lecture is being held.

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PARKING can be a challenge. The best parking option is likely the underground parking at Il Mercato Mall. The mall is at Commercial Drive and 1st Avenue, and the entrance to the underground parking is off Graveley St: 1674 Graveley Street works in Google maps; it’s a 4-minute walk to the church from there. Here is the map locating the entrance to the parking lot.


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“A Christian Spirituality for Hopeful Earthkeeping”: A Geneva Lecture by Martin de Wit

The Geneva Society invites everyone to attend this free public lecture by Dr. Martin de Wit.

NOW AVAILABLE: Video (low-tech recording; refer to Visuals & Text)

DATE: Wednesday 23 March 2016
LOCATION: Trinity Western University (Northwest Auditorium). Details below.
TIME: 7:30-9:00pm

Martin de WitMaybe you are worried that humanity is not doing a good job in caring for God’s creation, but are uncomfortable about embracing the creation care movement. Maybe you are serious about the call to care for God’s creation, but are worried that all the accompanying “earth-talk” is not really helping in setting our hearts and minds on things above. In this lecture a Christian spirituality for earthkeeping is proposed that starts with who we are as believers in participatory communion with Christ. The theological anthropologies of diverse Christian thinkers such as Augustine, Moltmann and Calvin will be brought into discussion with each other to help clarify what the shape of such an earth-keeping ethic would look like. Listening to the living God who calls us to faithfully walk with Him by being a blessing to all of creation is the only real sustainable alternative to modern culture’s stark and lifeless choices. The lecture will end with some reflections on the importance of understanding our vocations and the ethical shape for Christian hopeful living amidst economic and ecological crises.

Immediately after the lecture, there will be a response by Jerome Lengkeek of Fourth Watch African Investments, submitted remotely from Zambia.

Martin de Wit, who holds a doctorate in economics, is a student in theology at Regent College and prior has worked for 15 years as an environmental economist. Most of Martin’s research and consultancy work to date has focused on the economics of environmental and natural resources as well as the interactions between ecological and socio-economic systems in developing countries, notably in South Africa and China, applied to challenges related to climate, aquaculture, forestry, waste, water quality, ecological restoration and nature conservation. He serves on the board of ASSET research (Africa’s Search for Sound Economic Trajectories), a non-profit organization focused on capacity building of post-graduate students in the fields of economics, ecology and development. Martin and his family are members of Cloverdale Canadian Reformed church.

LOCATION: Auditorium, Northwest Building, Trinity Western University. This is building #21 at this campus map; pay parking is available nearby.

Please print this poster and place it on school, church, and office bulletin boards.

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“Progress, Secularization, and Hope”: A Geneva Lecture by Kevin Flatt

Kevin Flatt

The Geneva Society invites everyone to attend this free public lecture by Dr. Kevin Flatt.

DATE: Thursday 26 March 2015

TIME: 7:30-9:00pm

ABSTRACT: Many of the ways people talk about politics, social issues, and even religion involve hidden assumptions about the human story being a story of progress. But is there really progress in human history? And if so, does it inherently lead to the decline of religion, as many secularization theorists and the New Atheists assert? This lecture will propose a Christian view of progress and use it to critique theories of secularization, concluding with implications for the mission of the church in today’s world.

SPEAKER: Dr. Kevin Flatt is Associate Professor of History at Redeemer University College, and Chair of the Department of History and International Studies. He also serves as the Director of Redeemer’s Office of Faculty Research, where he recently played a leading role in the creation of the Centre for Christian Scholarship.

Much of Kevin’s research to date has focused on the history and sociology of Protestantism in Canada. His book After Evangelicalism: The Sixties and the United Church of Canada was published in 2013 by McGill-Queen’s University Press. He is currently in the early stages of a book project on the history of secularization.

Kevin’s work has been featured in the National Post, CBC Radio, Sun TV, Comment magazine, and various local media outlets, and he is a columnist for Faith Today, Canada’s national evangelical magazine.

He holds a PhD in history from McMaster University, an MA in history from Western University, and a BA in economics from the University of Waterloo. He lives in his hometown of Kitchener, Ontario, with his wife Alicia.

LOCATION: Auditorium, Northwest Building, Trinity Western University. This is building #21 at this campus map; pay parking is available nearby.

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“Reading the Bible for All of Life”: A Geneva Lecture by Craig Bartholomew

H. Evan Runner was famous for saying “all of life is religion”. Abraham Kuyper famously said, “There is not a square inch of the entire creation of which Christ does not say ‘That is mine!’” Both these thinkers recognized that we are called to serve Christ in every dimension of life as he has made it. One would expect, therefore, God’s Word to address all of life. Alas, far too often we do not experience this creation-wide vision in our reading of Scripture, whether private or communal. In this lecture Prof. Craig Bartholomew will explore how to go about reading the Bible so as to hear God’s address for all of life.

Craig Bartholomew

Craig Bartholomew

Prof. Bartholomew is the H. Evan Runner Professor of Philosophy at Redeemer University College as well as professor of religion and theology. He is also the principal of The Paideia Centre for Public Theology. With Mike Goheen (Geneva Chair from 2005-12), he is author of the 2013 book Christian Philosophy: A systematic and narrative introduction as well as The Drama of Scripture: Finding our place in the Biblical story (2004).

The lecture is free and open to the public. [A low-quality recording is available here.]

Trinity Western University
Neufeld Science Centre: Block Hall
Thursday 30 January 2014

Please promote this event among your circles; if you are on Facebook, a good way to do this is to “Join” and “Share” our Facebook event page with your friends.

Note: Neufeld Science Centre is building #09 on this campus map. Parking passes for the evening can be purchased (using cash or credit card) just past the Welcome Centre (#02 on the map), and we have been told that you may use the staff parking lot next to Neufeld, in addition to the regular visitor parking lot near buildings #10/11/12.


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