Geneva Lecture Archive


  • March 3: Derek Schuurman, “Responsible Automation: Faith and Work in an Age of Intelligent Machines”


  • March 23: Martin de Wit, “A Christian Spirituality for Hopeful Earthkeeping”
  • October 12: Luke Glanville, “Caring for strangers: The historical contribution of Christianity”
  • October 27: Bill DeJong, “Being Right or Living Well: Why Character Matters as Much as Conscience”


  • March 26: Kevin Flatt, “Progress, Secularization, and Hope”



  • October 3: James Rusthoven, “Regaining Bioethics: A Covenantal Approach”


  • November 8: Michael Goheen, “Exploring the Purpose and Nature of Christian Scholarship in the Light of Scripture”
  • November 22: Harro Van Brummelen, “Educating for a Sustainable Future”
  • November 29: Erin Glanville, “For What It’s Worth: Reading Literature and Being a Christian”
  • December 6: Arnold Sikkema, “Science and Worldview”

2010 Lecture Series: “What Time Is It? Postmodernity, Globalisation, and Consumerism”

  • October 26: Michael Goheen, “What Time Is It? Swirling Currents of our Time”
  • November 2: Michael Goheen, “What is Postmodernity and Why Does it Matter?”
  • November 9: Bob Goudzwaard, “Globalization and the Kingdom of God”
  • November 23: Michael Goheen, “The Gospel of Consumption: The Making of a Consumer Culture”
  • November 30: David Collins, “Sustainable Change In Your Community’s Culture”
  • December 7: Craig Bartholomew, “To Change the World: A Dialogue with James Davison Hunter”


  • October 6: Dr. Jonathan Chaplin, “Whose World? The Spiritual Contest Over Globalization”
  • October 20: Dr. Michael Goheen, “The Historical and Religious Roots of Economic Globalization”
  • October 27: Paul Williams, “Roots of the Current Global Economic Crisis”
  • November 3: Michael Goheen, “Islam as a Global Power”
  • November 10: Harro Van Brummelen, “Education—For Global Economic Progress or For Discipleship?”
  • November 24: Michael Wilkinson, “Pentecostalism and the Global Church”
  • December 1: Michael Goheen, “The Globalization of Sports: Benefits and Dangers”
  • December 8: Paul Rowe, “A Primer on Global Institutions”


  • February 14: Brian Walsh, “Babylon is Falling and We’re Still Waiting for a Miracle”
  • March 21: Michael Goheen, “Delighting in God’s Good Gift of Sports and Competition”
  • March 28: Arnold Sikkema, “Laws of Nature and God’s Word for Creation”
  • April 4: Michael Goheen, “Islam as a Global Power”
  • April 11: Harro Van Brummelen, “How Can We Use the Bible to Shape Education?”
  • October 23: Bob Goudzwaard, “Globalization, Climate Change, and the Modern World- ­and ­Life-­View”
  • November 28: Dr. Jim Skillen, “Globalization and American Exceptionalism”


  • December 6: David Koyzis, “Globalization: Where are We Headed?”


  • October 6: Michael Goheen, “The Power of the Gospel and the Renewal of Scholarship”
  • October 27: Nigel Cameron, “Cloning and the Biotech Century”
  • December 1: David Myers, “The Funds, Friends, and Faith of Happy People”

LambLight Lectures

  • October 6: Dennis Dewey, “Rediscovering Biblical Narrative as Storytelling in the Digital Age”
  • October 14: Robert Webber, “Worship as a Narrative of Divine Action”
  • November 1: Alan Jacobs, “Shaping a Life: Memory and Hope”
  • December 2: Miroslav Volf, “Reconciliation and Justice”


  • October 9: Wayne Roosa, “The Quiet Heresy: Biblical Themes in Contemporary Art”
  • October 30: James K.A. Smith, “Faith in the Flesh in American Beauty: Christian Reflections on Film”
  • November 20: Laurel Gasque, “The Bible of the Poor: An Example of Medieval Interpretation and Its Relevance Today”


  • September 19: Diane Sekuloff, “Dancing Now and Into Eternity”
  • October 10: Jeremie Begbie, “The Powers of Music in Worship: A British Perspective”
  • November 14: John Bell, “Between the Holy and the Hedonistic”


  • 4B event: “Basic Biblical Building Blocks” [not LambLight or Geneva Lectures]
    • January 17: John Koster, “Following the Story of Salvation: Old Testament”
    • January 31: Hans Boersma, “Following the Story of Salvation: New Testament”
    • February 14: Bert Moes, “Developments in the History of the Church”
    • February 28: Dennis Degroot, “The Biblical Story Meets the Hollywood Story”
    • March 10
      • Hans Boersma, “Worldviews and the Good Book”
      • Hans Boersma, “Learning to Read Deuteronomy”
      • Bart Vanderkamp, “Are Christians Green?”
      • Jens Zimmermann, “Reading the Bible under an Open Sky”
      • Lee Hollaar, “Why We Can All Be Leaders”
      • John Siebenga, “Relating the Bible to Emotional Struggles”
      • Dennis Degroot, “Media and the Biblical Story”
  • October 4: Quentin Schultze, “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Media, Postmodernity and Christianity”
  • October 24: Dennis Danielson, “God’s ‘Other Book’: How Shall Christians Read the Cosmos?”
  • November 28: Calvin Seerveld, “Reading the Bible and Understanding Art: How to Redeem Your Time in Taking a Look at Art in Canada (an illustrated lecture)”


  • September 20: John Cooper, “Is God Our Mother? The Bible and Inclusive Language for God”
  • October 5: John Wood, “Biophilia and the Gospel: Loving Nature or Worshipping God?”
  • November 9: John Stackhouse, “Why Christians Should Abandon Certainty”


  • February 8: Michael Goheen, “Charting A Path Amidst Postmodern Winds”
  • September 23: Hans Boersma, “The Feet of God: In Stomping Boots or Dancing Shoes? The Trinity as Answer to Violence” (inaugural lecture as Geneva Chair)
  • October 15: Rikk Watts, “On the Edge of the Millennium: Making Sense of Genesis 1”
  • November 17: Marva Dawn, “The Subversion of Genuine Worship”


  • December 17: Arnold Sikkema, “Death of the Watchmaker: Modern Science and the Providence of God”